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BABid Management is owned and maintained by Bas de Bruin

Bas de Bruin is a passionate bid and project manager. Over the last 25 years he held several positions in the Information and Services industry. The common factors in these roles are (project) delivery, sales and management. Bas is passionate about a few simple things in life:

  • Agreed is Agreed (A=A)
  • Listening is more important than Talking (L>T)
  • The Why is more important than the How which is more important than the What (W>H>W)

Bas started the virtual company Excellent Bid in 2017 and offers his skills and experience to the industry as Bid Manager through BABid Management.

Based on the same tooling used at Excellent Bid a new company was formed in 2018 which sells and implements team collaboration and project management software by monday.com. This company is called Excellent Team.